Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Work Space.

I recently have started redoing our office. I noticed that I had actually been avoiding it. The cats had decided it was their bedroom, and they spent most their time sunbathing on the desk and I had just sort of given up. Then I decided to reclaim the space. Slowly, I've been redoing it adding touches here and there. My first mission was to give myself a place to practice drawing.

But, what I also started doing was gathering photos around the web, mostly from SaucyDwellings on Livejournal, but a few from other blogs and google searches of my favorite offices. I think it inspires me to keep working on mine, and making it more and more a personalized space that works for me. Before, I had a tendency to just work about aesthetics, but now I realize I do actually need to focus on making it functional too. Trying to find a balance between clean & organized, but still "lived-in."

Here are some of my favorite drool-worthy work spaces:

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