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I don't have nearly enough blog readers (especially since most of them know me from my non-Internet life) to justify having some sort of Intro/FAQ page. But I do find the "get to know your blogger" type posts interesting, so here's one of sorts.

How long have you been blogging?
I've been blogging since I was in high school. I started out on Melodramatic, then moved over to Livejournal and then finally to Blogger. I do maintain my Livejournal still on occasion to write more personal posts, but it's mostly private and only accessed by a few close friends.

Choosing your blog title is sort of like choosing your first tattoo. I love my blog name as well and my first tattoo. But looking back, I wish I could make them cooler :) But in case you couldn't figure it out, each of those words represent some of the major passions in my life.

Tell me about your family...
My little family is made up of:

Colin is my partner/husband, we've been together for seven years as of October 2011. We had our wedding this summer (July 2011) Our first adopted furkid was Holden, & next came Gatsby. Then we finally decided we really wanted a dog, we contemplated maybe a small lab or some sort of mix, but nothing too small or yappy (ie: Chihuahua)  But then one day when I was on a rural highway with my Mom, Aunt and Grandfather and here came this little chihuahua running down the road. When I brought him home we both resisted initially, but it took all of a one night stay for little  Huey to win over our hearts. He's a social butterfuly, spunky, little dude who is incredibly lovable. Next came Mimi, who was supposed to be a playmate for Huey. She was abandoned on the side of the road in a box and found by one of my Aunts. She turned out to be quite a bit more work, she is an anxious/neurotic little 15 pound furball. But you can't help but love her little tragic face!

Are you a vegan? You post a lot of vegan recipes.
I've been a vegetarian on and off since high school. I have never tolerated dairy well and when Colin went vegan this last year I committed to making all the stuff I baked in the house vegan. I still aim to eat primarily vegan, but I don't identify as vegan/vegetarian. It's something I often feel conflicted with, and I admire Colin greatly for the life decision he's made about it.

Are you ever going to do a house tour?
Yes! I've been talking about it probably since I made this blog and never really gotten around to it. I'd really like to work up to it slowly by maybe doing one room a week or month. It's a lot of work to photograph and prepare a blog post for a house tour. But stay tuned, it's coming I promise!

What are you going to school for?
The question is more what HAVEN'T I gone to school for? I started out majoring in journalism/graphic design, switched to psychology and stayed with that till a year before I graduated. Then in a last minute move I became a Women's Studies major and a psychology minor. Since then I have graduated and discovered the job market sucks. I am currently going back to graduate school for a health-related program (exact program TBD, I'm looking at occupational therapy or speech therapy)

Do you plan on doing a post about your wedding?
As soon as I get my pictures back I'll do a larger post about the wedding process. I learned A LOT and have a lot of great advice for engaged couples. I hope to have the photos back and post written before the end of the year.

Will you make my blog header?
I do "just for fun" design work on the side. If you are interested in me designing a logo or blog header, send me an e-mail. My prices are beyond reasonable, and I am open to barters!

Thanks to everyone who submitted (via e-mail/tweet/comment) questions. Some of the questions I'm saving for later, since I was keeping this blog pretty basic FAQ's. If you'd like to submit any other questions, do so below or e-mail them my way: AMBlakeley[at]gmail[dot]com

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