Thursday, March 4, 2010


Since Colin went vegan it's forced us to eat out a lot less, and eat at home a lot more. It's been a welcome, but hard change. I had been hesitant about any "fake meat" products because in the past I've always thought they were pretty gross. 

But actually, the Morningstar Vegan Grillers were good. I know, and hell is not even freezing over! I think it's partially because I've never been a big hamburger fan, so I don't really have a taste associated with them. I also, didn't expect it to taste like hamburger persay. Anyhow, we made these and I cut up and made some home fries from some potatoes that needed to be eaten. With that I present you our dinner:

Colin added lettuce, pineapple, red pepper, sprouts, jalapenos to his, while I just stuck with red pepper and lettuce (I am much less adventurous apparently) Yum!

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