Tuesday, April 20, 2010

graphic novels

I have Colin (edit: & Dean) to thank for getting me into graphic novels. Before I met him I attached the "comic" world to awkward gawky boys who traded cards at lunch in high school. But, after being dragged to the comic book store a few times, I discovered the world of graphic novels. The plots went beyond super hero's and science fiction monsters. I fell in love.

Liz Prince is the first artist that I found that I really liked. I loved that she had such personality in her strips, and that they didn't look like something straight out of a Spiderman comic book.
Jeffrey Brown was the next artist that I read. The emotion he conveys in his artwork is really intense and amazing. He doesn't shy away from showing and making the reader experience each emotion with him.

For those interested, I started an Amazon list that I'll be adding to if you'd like some recommendations.

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