Friday, April 2, 2010

portland bound!

Well, for those of you who are e-stalking/don't chat with me on a regular basis, I have to share the exciting news that we are moving to Portland! ETA is sometime this summer once we get the job/housing situation settled. I am beyond thrilled! The design programs I am looking at there work out so much better than the ones where we are living now. Plus, Colin has already found several positions within the hospitals there that he's qualified for.

But to backtrack, our trip there was amazing and just the vacation I needed. Over on my flickr I've posted the pictures from the trip. Take a peek!

 The highlight of the trip of course being, adding this piece of gorgeous art by gemma correll to my skin:


sushipie said...

freakin love that tattoo!

allison said...

Thanks! I've been planning to get a cat tattoo in honor of my cats (and cat lady ways, ha!) for awhile now. I was thrilled I finally found some artwork I liked :)