Sunday, April 18, 2010

Community Living

mr. pepper.
(this is "pepper" the horse (his brother "salt" not pictured)

I love moving. Okay, I  love parts of moving. It's a great excuse to go through all your stuff and limit yourself to just bringing some of your "favorites" We are slowly going through each room deciding what to Craigslist/Garage Sale/Donate/Pack and it feels good to finally getting rid of some of our clutter.

My other favorite part of moving is discovering a new city. Above is a picture (courtesy of google maps) of our first apartment in Sacramento. We lived on the top floor, right side. I loved that apartment. Didn't love the slumlord who was cool with the fact that we had a rat living in there. But, it had amazing character. Colin and I were both pretty horrible about learning our neighborhood. We fell back on chain restaurants and fastfood for eating. Both of us our much better about eating local and making food at home (sometimes, even with farmers market produce) 

I've become much more interested in trying to actually "live" within your community. It's what makes me really excited about Portland. Every neighborhood that we've look at is fairly self-sustaining. There's also much more of a selection for vegan food (Colin is especially pleased about this one!) and I'm happy that I can occasionally order eggs and not having to just watch Colin eat dry toast and a sad fruit bowl. 

I'm counting down the weeks until we move!

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