Friday, May 7, 2010

Clean House!

Over the last couple days I've slowly been reorganizing all my stuff for my Etsy shop. The amount of stuff you acquire when running a shop is intense.

The first wise investment I made required a trip to my least favorite place in the world (Walmart) to get the garment rack. I attempted to use a single garment rack from Target, but that lasted about two whole days before it collapsed over (Terrifying one of the cats) It was my first "real" investment in running the shop ("Real" equaling about $60-80 if I remember correctly, I can't find it on the website) Underneath the garments are wash bins made storage boxes, which I keep my accessories for photographs, shipping supplies (Scale, tape, etc), and a few purses I have for sale at the shop right now.

The shelf is in there, despite it not actually having anything on it for the shop. ha! I'm just excited I finally organized it. It holds all my art/design supplies--- everything from magazines to acrylic paints. 

In the coming weeks I'll give you a 360 degree tour!

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