Thursday, July 1, 2010

Whine Fest:

Well friends,
I generally avoid using my blog as a means to vent my frustration, but it's overflowing in my life right now. So, I guess you all are subject to hearing me whine here as well.

We originally were staying in Sacramento because it was our safety city. Colin had a secure job here, I had job leads here, and we had a place to live. We gave up Portland, because it didn't have those same stable opportunities. Well, now Sacramento has lost every stable point it had. So why are we here? I don't like this city most days. It's unbearably hot during summer, it lacks vegan options, and it doesn't have some of the same art/music advantages of other bigger cities (ie: Portland)

We sat around being bummed out for a week, lamenting over how we were going to be homeless and broke. Then yesterday, Colin came up with a flowchart for us, with the first step being whether or not he was offered a benefited position at his job (He is currently Per Diem)

I followed it up by making us a lovely dinner of roasted rosemary and garlic red potatoes and green beans, a basic salad, and some sourdough bread from a local bakery,

here's colin enjoying a bite:


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