Tuesday, October 26, 2010

4 Stories - Childhood Games

I'm trying to get back into writing and over at Freckled Nest she's started a "4 Stories" Series that I'm going to start partaking in. Please feel free to join in! (Click on the picture above to go to her blog)

This weeks topic is "Childhood Games"

One - Pool Games.
Having an older sister with a good imagination resulted in playing all sorts of cool games as a kid. One that I specifically remember playing was in the pool at my Grandma's house. I think it came off the idea of "Honey I shrunk the Kids" but we would imagine we were "shrunk" down the garbage disposal and the "sewer" (aka: pool) was where we had landed. Often times this was combined with being mermaids as well, so you couldn't use you legs as a kid. I can't imagine what we looked like flailing around in the pool as a kids, but we had a blast. 

Two - Fort School House
My Mom did the coolest project for me as a kid. She got some sort of PVC pipes and fabric and built me a "permanent" fort of sorts in our backyard. I often taught "School" in it with the whiteboard that was hung on the wall. There might be some pictures floating around of it at my Dad's house. I wish I had one!

Three - Commercials
My best friend (Also named Allison) and her little sister and I would get together and play "TV Commercials" Which basically entailed two people sitting on the bunkbed and being the "Audience" and one person standing on the ground being the "commercial" As the commercial you had to grab something in the room and make a commercial for it. We thought it was hilarious as kids and would spend hours playing.

Four - Business Woman
I had a strange fascination as a kid of filling out forms. I loved pretending I ran a business and got to fill out paperwork. For Christmas one year, my parents bought me a "briefcase" and filled it with a bunch of random forms (Mostly from Mailboxes Etc.) and some pens. I thought it was the COOLEST present ever. I remember spending hours running my business and "filling out the paperwork"

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Anonymous said...

Oh, I love LA's idea and I *love* all the stories that are coming out of this idea. Yours made me smile - I did so many similar things as a child. Don't worry - you're not the only weirdo out there - I was PostMaster General for a good few years, dolling out stamps and envelopes and sending packages all over the world, LOL.......perhaps hence my love of Postcrossing :)