Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday in (cell phone) Pictures

Today we went over and had an early lunch at Mississippi Pizza. I wish I would've taken a picture, but the truth is we gobbled it up so quickly I didn't even have a chance. Colin had a vegan slice and I went with the simple veggie + a casear salad.

We stopped by a cute little plant store on the way back,

and Salty's Dog & Cat Shop, where we picked up Mimi a new stylish polka dot collar. Then so Huey wouldn't feel left out we got them dried Yams to chew on (Sorry for the bad picture, Mimi was not into posing, she wanted to chow down!)

On our way home, I managed to grab a picture of this guy's adorable bicycling companion:

The little guy was sound asleep, resting against the back of his owner when we passed them. It was beyond adorable.

And here's me, since it's hard to be the photographer and be in any pictures:
bundled up for winter is:
hoodie (american apparel)
plaid scarf (target)
swallow necklace (my bff necklace)
laundry behind me (mostly mine)

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