Saturday, January 29, 2011

Computer Biography.

photo from Computer Museum.

Growing up with two parents who were in the technology industry meant that we always had an (Apple) computer in our house. I spent many hours of my youth illustrating ideas from my overactive imagination on Kid Pix and playing Mavis Beacon (What can I say? I was a nerdy kid) I remember my Dad going onto AOL and playing funny sound bites, but only a few, because AOL minutes were expensive and limited.

When my parents seperated, my Mom paved her own way by buying an Acer (PC) Oh the betrayal! But I quickly adapted. I spent hours on AOL (Because they finally adapted to an unlimited minutes plan) in the "Kid Chatrooms" This was far before 20/20 specials, and the internet wasn't nearly popular enough to have child predators lurking in every chatroom. I met some great friends (One who I kept in touch with all the way through the early years of college) and spent most of the time exchanging bad poetry and Christmas wish lists.

By the time I hit high school, I ended up with my own Dell in my room. It was then then that I got my first external cd burner. Oh the excitement! This led to my first boy crush and I exchanging endless mix CD's containing our favorite Jimmy Eat World & At the Drive-in tracks. 

It wasn't until college that I finally went back to my roots, and got a Mac Mini after my Dell suddenly died without warning (And me being the immature college youth I was, had not backed up anything) A couple years later, thanks to some student loans, I welcomed a Macbook into our family. Since then, I've never looked back. I've gotten iPods, iMac, and an iPhone. Our house oozes Apple presence all over it.

I hadn't thought much about any of this until I had a conversation with friends over the effect of technology on youth. Most of the younger kids of my generation have only known life with constant computer use & internet access.

What about all of you? Has your life always involved computer access?

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