Saturday, January 22, 2011

Date Night.

silly face

Colin had been planning a date night since earlier this week but it kept getting put off, until finally today we made it happen. He attempted to keep most of it a secret (But I a horrible when it comes to secrets, I always try to guess!)

He took me over to Laurelhurst Theater and we watched "It's kind of a funny story" and enjoyed Go Max Go candybars (Yum! Vegan candy heaven!)

I have really missed being able to just eat a candybar when we go to the movies, and we found these at Whole Foods. They tasted so amazing! Most mainstream vegan candy is.... less than stellar. But these tasted like homemade versions of mainstream candy. We had Mahalo and Jokerz, gotta love being able to split them in half and steal part of your love's! (Luckily, he didn't mind sharing and splitting one bit!) Plus, the Whole Foods is right next to the movie theater, so I think we found a new tradition!

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The Electric Twist said...

I'll have to try those! They sound yummy! I miss having a whole foods near me :(