Sunday, January 2, 2011

My weekend.

This last week/weekend has been so full!

It started out by moving my "office" out to the living room. We decided as a cost-saving measure to rent out one of our bedrooms to one of our friends. So I set up a nook in our large living roo.

The desk still needs lot's of help!

The cubes need a bit more of organizing.

The afternoon light leaves an inevitable reflection in the glass.
But with the office move-around, I finally got to setup a great little area for the hutch.
After that I ran over to Fred Meyer to get groceries so we'd have some food in the fridge for our friends coming into town and staying at our place. I found this chapstick and fell in love. I admit I'm a sucker for vintage-inspired product design and that's what initially sold me. But the lip balm is actually amazing and has just the right amount of sweet scent to it. My silly model pose and the amazing packaging -

Lastly, my friends who visited eating at the highly-anticipated Voodoo Donuts!

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