Monday, January 10, 2011


My weekend was great. I admit, the weekends that Colin has off (He works every other weekend) inevitably are some of my favorites.

The highlight, was Sunday morning when I woke up and decided I wanted to go on a hike. I woke up Colin and let him know of my mission and after a few yelp reviews, we headed over to Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge with two pups in tow:

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge  

It was really chilly! But we bundled up the best we could (Although, lesson learned, wear a layer under jeans when it's cold out!)

Toward the end of the hike, we passed this amazing mural:
Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge

Afterward we headed over to Hungry Tiger too and got some "burgers" and fries to finish off our date. Although we were both too hungry to stop and grab any photos there.

Hope everyone elses weekend was just as fun!

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Sarah Peracchino said...

That sounds so lovely! I need to do that one of these days.