Monday, March 21, 2011

Playing Pretend.

That was me playing dress up, I think I was probably around six years old. That doll in the stroller was what I received for Christmas after I asked for a "little sister." I have my favorite outfit on, and red lipstick courtesy of my Mom indulging me for some "Grown up makeup"

Today I'm feeling sort of bummed out. The decisions I have to make are weighing on me, and I'm feeling pretty tired from it all (and this headache creeping up from my shoulder blades isn't exactly the mood-lifter I was looking for)

I'm still working on my trusty to do list (with scrubbing the mold off the window sills being #1 priority right now) but first, I think me and my partner-in-crime are going to take a nap to try and wake up with a better attitude.

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