Saturday, June 18, 2011

Moving, Wedding and Vacations, oh my!

etsy print by ChEngel

Next Wednesday we leave for California to visit family and attend our engagement BBQ. I am excited to see family and for the vacation I am less excited for the 90+ degree weather that's supposed to be happening. But, I guess it will make me love Portland even more while I am gone! I admit, I am also excited because I get to visit several of my favorite thrift stores. There's nothing like a wedding and a new place to motivate you to find fun new treasures to decorate with.

Speaking of moving, we picked up boxes from my lovely friend Lehua and I can now officially start packing! It's something about having your house invaded by cardboard boxes that make you feel like it's real. I keep telling Huey & Mimi that in two weeks they'll have their own little yard. But, neither of them seem to be catching on :) Alberta Arts is such a lovely neighborhood. I am thrilled to have an excuse to explore a new part of town with new resturants and cute shops. Also, Back to Eden is not too far from our place, which means coconut ice cream milkshakes will happen more often!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! If you have any fabulous moving tips, feel free to pass them along :)

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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

This sounds so exciting! Congratulations on getting engaged! =)