Tuesday, July 12, 2011

welcome home!

Hello friends! Yes, July has been a quiet month on the blog, but mostly because it's been anything but that in my daily life. We moved (or rather are moving) for the first part of this month into a lovely duplex. Then at the end of this month is my much anticipated wedding day! It has mostly involved Excel spreadsheets, midmorning freakouts, and way too much Taco Bell eating.

This morning while I was distracting myself reading Mint, I read about an asparagus tart that looked amazing. I popped over to the original website and fell in love with Not Without Salt. It's such a lovely cooking blog. Although it's not vegan, it certainly gives me plenty of inspiration!

I promise once the house is a bit more unpacked I'll post some pictures.

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Portland has decided to take a break from summer and have a little rain today. That's okay, my garden could use it :)

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misslarissabree said...

You better post some soon!!