Tuesday, August 9, 2011


So here I am writing my first official blog as a married lady. And although I don't usually use this blog as a political voice, those of you who know me well know that my decision to get married was a big deal. But not for the reason the average person may think. I've known since about month 3 of our relationship that Colin and I would spend our lives together. For me, it was more about wondering if I was contributing to a society that only embraces heteronormativity. Could I reconcile my own beliefs and having a wedding ceremony?

When I made the decision with Colin to have a ceremony, there were certain things that I wanted to hold true in our ceremony to make it a unique commitment. First, there would no talk of two people joining their lives and becoming one, by marrying Colin I did not become a part of him. Instead, we are two people who both love each other as individuals. Together, we make a team that works together, that needs both people in their entirety in order to make their union work. I don't believe the foundation of marriage is gender, instead it's love. Although some of our own beliefs about marriage may not have been conveyed in their entirety in our ceremony, I'm okay with the fact that we made sacrifices to keep the peace with some of our more traditional family members that were in attendance. I wanted our day to be a celebration with people who loved us. 

On a ligher note, if you made it through my ramble, maybe you noticed something when you first started reading. Yep, I cut off ALL MY HAIR! My sister cut it to a chin length, but I pushed it a step further and got a longer version of a pixie cut. I took a chance and went to a salon that does walk-ins, and I walked out with a Bieber-Meets-Soccer-Mom, but after some scissors in my bathroom+pomade, I ended up with something I liked. I'm excited to be free of the weight of my hair, it's a symbol that marks a new beginning!


misslarissabree said...

I love you hair!

And I love this post so much. Its so utterly honest and beautiful. thank you so much for this you are one wonderful loving person and you make me feel so honoured to know you.

Christine Leigh said...

i think your hair really suits you. new beginnings are a good thing :) xo