Monday, October 17, 2011

Wedding Rings.

Yay! Both of us finally have rings*

This is the shop that we ordered Colin's from. Allison (yes, we have the same name!) makes beautiful jewelry and it arrived timely and in lovely packaging.

My ring came from Gilt. They were also amazing to work with. The woman sat with me as I tried on like twenty different rings. I finally settled on this one, a gorgeous vintage ring from the 1920's.

* There was a small mishap with Colin's first ring. We ordered from an Etsy seller, but the ring just seemed to be set on always being too big. We had it resized twice and still it was a little loose on his finger. Plus, it was really thick/uncomfortable to wear. So instead, I found another one from a different seller on Etsy and replaced it. This one fits just perfect!


beca said...

That's crazy, the girl who you got your husbands ring from is friends with some people I know here in SD and her name/shop keeps coming into conversation. And now I see her stuff on your blog. I'm intrigued.

Your ring is beautiful!

allison said...

thanks! and from her etsy shop i see that she just got some sort of deal going with anthropologie. her work is totally gorgeous, i'm in love with his ring

thanks!! :) i really like it. i had an engagement ring that was the fairly generic jewelry shop princess cut diamond ring. it was something we picked out together four years ago. Instead of having Colin get me a band to go with it, I found that I really wanted something with a bit more character. So we got this and I am so glad I did, I love it!

misslarissabree said...

they are BEAUTIFUL i love them so so much! You two are the cutest

Angie said...

Oh my! So, so lovely! I have my ring, which was my engagement ring and just fits me size-wise and personality wise perfectly and I bought my wife The One Ring 'cause we are both geeky girls!

However, we want to get matching wedding bands and Jen's idea was to get them in an elven/delicate leaf and possibly stone pattern. <3 So excited!

Your hubby's ring is really cool, I love the outdoorsy-ness!

monkeys always look said...

Ah!!!! Thank you so much for your sweet words!!! I love your ring and can't resist vintage rings myself! Hi Beca, what a small world!