Saturday, October 22, 2011

On the path to organization

I've decided to start a modified version of the "31 days to organizing." Tonight, I wanted to write about what she addressed in day one, which is "why do you want to organize and declutter." My goals really are to find some organizational systems that work for our house. Every time we move, we have to figure out new systems for our new spaces. With this last move we moved into a place with a lot more square feet plus a backyard. With both of us in school, plus Colin working full time, we don't have a lot of free time to always be searching for things or spending large chunks of time to catch up on chores.

So to summarize, why I want to organize and declutter:
- Destress me (and therefore destress Colin)
- Be proud of where I live
- Value the possessions we have, and make our house truly represent us
- Give us space to explore and create our passions
- Be able to focus more on each other, school,  and spending time together.

As I mentioned earlier, it will be a little modified to fit what I need. I'll skip over some of the days she talks about kid stuff, and also probably combine some of the days to work better with my schedule. So, here's to an organized house!

(image taken from here)


Angie said...

How exciting!!! Jen and I live in her childhood bedroom right now, which is 86 square feet. It's small, but you know what, it's cozy. I wanna figure how to organize in such a small space while also making tis "ours."

I may do this too!!! Not sure if it's right for me, but we'll see. ^_^


allison said...

I love organizing small spaces, in fact I think they are more fun than big spaces. The 31 day guide is nice, even if you don't follow it exactly, it gives some good tips for sorting through stuff and knowing where exactly to start!