Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wedding Photos (almost!)

The time has come! I finally have my wedding photos. I promised that people in my family would be the first to see them, so the internet will have to wait. Sorry to be a tease! But, to hold you over -- here's what a screen shot of what the front of our photo book will look like:

And one more, this is a photo of my Maid of Honor, Jill. Second to Colin, she was seriously my grounding throughout all of my wedding. For every stress out (where is everyone? I can't finish this! ahhh! moment) she was there to pick up the pieces. She crashed on my couch and made sure that she could be there to help with every little detail. My wedding day was extra special with her help, I love you lady!

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kitten roar said...

i love your wedding dress!!! and totally not creepy that you've been reading my blog - i'm glad you decided to comment :) and i am almost the worlds largest creep, so no shame!

and in your profile, i was reading it, and where the "warm" and "vegan whoopie pie" run together, i thought it said "warm vegan whoopie pie" and now i feel like i need to scoot to my job (i work at a bakery that sells vegan whoopie pies!) and stick one in the microwave and stuff my face with it.