Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dog Love.

It's no secret that I'm a dog-lover. After spending this evening with my fur-babies, I was inspired to make this post!

I don't think Mimi would actually allow me to put her in clothing. The couple times I've tried she ends up attempting to eat it. Huey will tolerate some sweaters but if he doesn't like them, he lets me know by eating pillows on the couch.

But it doesn't stop me from checking the dog clothes out and "ooo"ing at their cuteness (or laughing at them)

Modern Tails has some adorable stuff, my favorite being this little suit. I plan on subjecting Huey to for our wedding. Because really, isn't it the most perfect ring bearer outfit?!

FunnyFur has some "designer doggy wear" which, I can't really convince myself to fork over more than I would spend on a shirt. But, I couldn't help but squeal a little when I saw this one. Oh how this only furthers my love of pugs!

For the Eco-Friendly Pet owner, I love this etsy shop. Although pricey, you can rest assured that the Mother Earth thanks you. I can envision my pups all bundled up in these fleece jackets.

For those doggy-parent's on a tighter budget, this etsy shop is a little easier on the wallet. I like getting tee's, because they aren't as pricey. I love the "cookie monster" tee, because it reminds me of my own troublemaker.

But, if you'd rather get yourself some apparel -

This etsy shop decorates some ADORABLE shoes!

I love that they did something more creative for these shirts. The Bassett Hound looks adorable, who doesn't love those hanging ears?!

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