Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday's Theme - Mustaches.

Several months ago, my dude went from being a beard-guy to a mustache-guy. I was worried, when he first made the transition, I was too creeped out to even kiss him. But it's growing on me. He had to do it mostly for work (Working the Emergency Room he has to be able to wear a mask to protect him from the germed) but I think he even grew to like it to. So, it stuck.

Amused by the trend - I made the rounds on the internetz to find mustache stuff:

I stumbled across this amusing site: Hipster Girls in Mustaches. Love it! This one was one of the cutest in my opinion:

And don't worry folks, you can have your Christmas tree 'stached-up too (Urban Outfitters)

And of course amazing Etsy finds rockin' mustaches (click on pictures for links)

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