Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mimi, The Artist

I woke up this morning to find Mimi not feeling so hot. After picking up a "mess" in the kitchen, I realized probably what was bothering her. Last week she ate one of these:

I was really hoping she would just "pass" it. But, I knew she didn't really chew it. She grabbed it off the corner of the desk that she could reach from the couch. When I went to grab her, she gulped it down because she knew she wasn't supposed to have it.

So we headed to UC Davis Vet Hospital and they didn't even have to do the full workup, an xray later they confirmed there was a big ol' chunk of eraser in her stomach. Luckily, it hadn't done any major internal damage yet. But the only way to get it out is surgery. Right now our running total is $3500. Ouch. Unexpected expenses hurt. Especially big ones.

For the next two weeks I'm going to have to keep her moving around to a minimum. I figured, I've spent $3000+ what's another forty of fifty more for a nice dog bed to cheer the poor girl up?

This one is probably better suited for a large dog. But it's so adorable! I wish Mimi were 60 pounds instead of 11. So this one probably won't work.

This one from Paw Printz Boutique is totally out of the price range. but too adorable to not include. Plus, I could see Gatsby (our cat) terrorizing Mimi and pushing it around the kitchen.
For some reason this bed from Poochie Heaven just reminds me of Aladdin. It would look hideous in the house, but you have to admit it's sort of fun looking.

Shh! I know there's a cat on there, but don't tell Mimi. I love the idea of doing something DIY like this etsy seller did, or even something more "furniture" like the bamboo bed from Target. But neither will work for Mimi post-surgery because I don't want her jumping at all.

Alas, comfort will probably win over style (although it still is cute!) and I'll consider something like this for her:

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