Friday, September 24, 2010


I am trying to get back to reading more. I was really lucky that I majored in a subject that I loved reading about. It made me devote time to reading about social justice issues. Now it seems most of my reading happens in my google reader, and not too much anywhere else.

I signed up for a library card, and I'm excited to get back to reading. I'm starting with this one:
Amazon Description:

Published to widespread acclaim, Tina Cassidy’s smart, engaging book is the first world history of childbirth in fifty years. From evolution to the epidural and beyond, Tina Cassidy presents an intelligent, enlightening, and impeccably researched cultural history of how and why we’re born the way we are. Women have been giving birth for millennia but that’s about the only constant in the final stage of the great process that is human reproduction. Why is it that every culture and generation seems to have its own ideas about the best way to give birth? Cassidy explores the physical, anthropological, political, and religious factors that have and will continue to influence how women bring new life into the world.


Anonymous said...

Let me know if that's good! I actually haven't read that one.

allison said...

I'm just in the first chapter, but so far it's fairly interesting. I'll post a review once I'm done!