Friday, September 17, 2010

Getting Married (Later than expected)

Yesterday we checked out a potential wedding site (Leach Botanical Garden) It was absolutely gorgeous! It's pretty much everything I wanted, but thought I couldn't afford. It's a great price, and includes rental of table & chairs. My Dad has graciously offered to cover the rental. Which means it's up to us to provide food, clothing, and decor. Since we have roughly $0 set aside at this point, we need to DIY as much as we can. Really, we'll just collect stuff slowly and buy a little each month out of our normal spending budget.

This is the back area courtyard to have the ceremony, most people normally get married under the arches. The second picture is the indoor area, which we would probably decorate for the Reception.

I feel like Colin and I are sort of in this unique position. We've been together for six years as of October. So we're past the point a lot of people normally are for a wedding. In some ways it feels awkward, like we missed our shot and no one really cares anymore. But, I'm doing my best to keep my focus on making this a big day for us (Regardless of our budget, or other people's thoughts)

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