Friday, October 22, 2010

fill in the blank friday!

I missed last weeks, oops!

{photo by Photos Day! via We Heart It

1.   I am      a partner. a friend. a sister. i am a person who cares deeply, and has a hard time letting go.     .

2.  I wish   education were free. it's hard finding things you're passionate about and feeling like you are too late in the journey to finance school for it  .

3.  I like      waking up next to C and the kitties.  in&out grilled cheese. weather were it is just chilly enough to throw on a hoodie & scarf    .

4.  I can    hardly wait till the pesky back pain goes away/lessens  .

5.  I hope      things start getting easier soon .

6.  I think        nutella is one of the best things created!   .

7.  I was       going to try to join C on his bike ride this morning. But I woke up not feeling so hot and the warm bed kept me hostage!      .

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Kamika said...

I agree on the education point! It is so sad when you find a passion for something but money keeps you from pursing it! Education is a RIGHT not a privilege!

Stopping by from Laurens!