Monday, December 20, 2010

my fitness pal!

When I took my birthday vacation in July I was so excited. Tahoe was gorgeous, and I couldn't wait to check out all our pictures. Then I noticed something in them. I was fat. It wasn't exactly a secret, and a poor diet and health problems made a gnarly combination and allowed my scale numbers to creep up bit by bit. Meanwhile, my other half had fell in love with cycling, and his scale numbers were dropping pound by pound.

It was hard to see the pictures. I looked uncomfortable (and I was) Carrying around extra weight on my frame has taken it's toll on my body (more back problems for one) and I was determined I could do something to change. Too broke to join weight watchers, I started up on my fitness pal. It was free (my kind of price!) and let me track everything I eat and all my exercise. For example, here is today's:

I didn't eat breakfast (tsk!) But on days like today the entries are pretty sparse. My stomach has been acting up and the thought of eating food makes me want to hurl. Other days, there's way too many entries, and I can watch my calorie count fly past. It's been great for tracking. You can track your weight (and they encourage you to do measurements as well) and I didn't start tracking my high. It was too intimidating. But I knew the number in my head. This morning, I weighed in at my lowest so far. Given a few weight fluctuations it puts my total weight loss at between 13-15 pounds. It's a slow start, and I still have a long way to go (About 30 pounds) But, it's a start.

If you end up joining on there (or are already on there) leave your username so I can friend you! It's fun to look at other people's meal plans and get some ideas.


Anonymous said...

I signed up...I'm inoakpark

allison said...

hey katie, awesome! i sent you a friend's request.