Monday, December 20, 2010

Forgotten Christmas Wishes

current wishlist!
(the things i forgot to put on my christmas wishlist. oops!)

i miss having Polaroids around so much. 
i'm on my last roll of film for my Polaroid and 
i've been cherishing the last 3 pictures i have left!

ours got beat up in the move, and we're not sure what's the problem. the needle is really expensive. i'm not sure that's even the problem, since our record player has seen better days in general. i like this one because (i won't lie) it's really pretty.

while i'm not completely sold on this  paticular one (i could spend hours reading amazon reviews!) i really need an armband for my phone. trying to carry it my pocket on long walks/short jogs has been a pain. plus it prohibits me from wearing my yoga pants (my workout wear of choice)

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