Saturday, December 11, 2010

wet weather

When I announced that I was moving to Portland, Oregon, everyone loved to say, "Are you ready for the rain?" or "Did you know it rains there a lot?!" (Seriously, I was ready to punch in the face anyone who mentioned it by the time I actually moved.)

When we got up here,  I caved and bought a nice REI jacket. But I hadn't addressed the shoe issue until now, after one soggy walk to Crafty Wonderland. We stopped by the Lloyd Center and my amazing love bought me these as an early Christmas present:

Bam! Take that Oregon rain!!


Anonymous said...

Those are really cute. Who makes them?

allison said...

i got them from what i would refer to as "an old lady shoe store" in the mall here. but that being said, they actually had a lot of cute semi-hippie-esqe shoes. These are made by Sorel, & i've seen them for sale on zappos too.

Jess said...

I heart the Lloyd center :) I'm in Colorado now, but my mother's family is sprinkled between Gresham, Portland, and Beaverton and I spent my summers as a kid there :) I love it! Those boots are super cute.

allison said...

Jess - Yeah it's been great! It's a little less than a mile from my place, so it makes for an easy walk (especially now with my new shoes!) :)