Friday, December 10, 2010

fill in the blank friday

fill in the blank friday, go play here:

1.   I wish      I could start school over again. I may do a varied version of that soon. we shall see! But more than that, I wish I could fastforward Colin through school, I know he is itching to be done!     .

2.  Yesterday I   I had a stressful afternoon that followed with a meltdown. Ate a cupcake  .

3.  Today I will       hang out with C and continue to be his nurse (post-wisdom-surgery) Run some errands.   .

4.  Tomorrow I will   (i can keep part of lauren'a answer here...) go to Crafty Wonderland with my friends! head to voodoo donut in celebration of colin eating semi-solid foods   .

5.  Maybe      i'll get a few christmas presents @ CW .

6.  Someday         I hope to be in a career I love, have Colin be in a career her loves, and maybe have a few little Colin/Allison's running around   .

7.  I love         days that it seems like everything just might be alright     .

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Jess said...

Your banner is adorable. And days like that are pretty fantastical. Found you through Lauren's blanks :)