Tuesday, January 4, 2011


I have a confession.
I have no patience for growing my hair out.

I realized this about a year ago. I challenged myself to stay away from scissors and just let my hair grow. No trimming, except for my bangs. This might sound overzealous, but if you know me you know as soon as I get in that chair at a salon (or in my sister's living room) I am a total sucker and I'll quickly say, "LET'S DO SOMETHING CRAZY! CUT IT ALL OFF!" Having a sister who cuts hair makes this all too easy. 

But when I was in Sacramento I was 500+ miles away from her, and now in Portland that's doubled. So I've been pretty faithful to my goal. I went in for a trim last month just to cut off the ends, and I actually made it out of there without converting to a pixie cut. Believe or not, I awkwardly spewed out "I'M TRYING TO GROW IT OUT, DON'T LET ME CUT IT!" As soon as I got in her chair, she laughed in an all too familiar way. Come to find out she's trying to grow her hair out too.

Here is my hair at it's shortest in 2008:
new hurr

Here is my hair last January, right around when I made the challenge after I  had put in the work (past all the awkward stages!) to grow out the pixie:
1/30/2010 (5/365)

And now, here's my hair a year later:
long hair

Although realistically most days it's tied up in a bun on top of my head at the computer:
up up and away

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