Thursday, January 6, 2011

wedding update.

I think we are going with The Old Church in Portland! I loved the chapel area, but what I really loved most was the area attached where we would have the reception (side note: the carpet can come up!)

Photo from The Old Church Website.

I started brainstorming on the serving ware:

Also thinking of having these coasters at the table:


Sarah Peracchino said...

I'm totally in love with the mason jar drinking glasses w/ striped straws too! I've been mason jar hunting for the past 6 months! They're so hard to find (used). :) When are you getting married?! CONGRATS!!

allison said...

There's this thrift store by my house that has a TON of them! So random. But, if I have to I'll just buy a flat of them from Fred Meyer here, they sell them for canning purposes.

We are getting married July 30, 2011!