Sunday, February 27, 2011

Duvet Love.

I was making the bed the other day and realized I really hated this whole "Full/Queen" combination issue. I hate that everything's switched over to that, because the combo is really too small for a queen. I love Colin, but he is a blanket-hogger. For the sake of our relationship (and my cold legs) I'd love to get a king-sized downcomforter from Ikea to replace our current queen.

I will admit, the idea a new duvet cover is totally making me giddy, because it would give me an excuse to finally snag this gem from Crate&Barrel:
The only downside is it would mean we would eventually have to replace our curtains since we currently have a leaf-pattern from Ikea that wouldn't match at all. All of this is insanely out of our budget, so it's most just a dream for now. My best bet is to slowly collect stuff and piece it together as we have the money. First, I'll keep spying over at C&B for when the clearance out that duvet!


Rijel said...

I JUST bought a new one. It was for sale on Overstock and all the reviews say it's "too heavy" which is perfect for me...but is gonna make the boy sweat! That just means I'm FINALLY gonna be warm! It's uber plain...but I'm thinking of embroidering it. If I ever get around to it...I'll shoot you a picture!!!

allison said...

We are the opposite. Colin likes the down comforter to create a Sauna like situation for him, where I like to be a little chilly when I sleep. Ooo, embroidery! that would be so fun. I've tried learning like 234234 times, but am always too impatient.

Rijel said...

I like to think I'll do it, but truth is I'll probably never get around to it!!! Haha! I LOVE being WARM when I sleep, but Grant starts sweating at the thought of more than one blanket!