Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Vegan Eats - Kettleman Bagel Company

Kettleman Bagel Company
2200 NE Broadway
Portland Oregon

I love me some carbs, and this place makes me seriously happy. For the vegan portion of the meal, you can top your bagel with tofutti, veggie tofutti, hummus, peanut butter or jam. Yes, the tofutti cost is a little high, but not so much that you can pass on it. I peeked at their lunch menu and drooled over the Ross Island Veggie offering (4 veggies, with the option of one being hummus) on a bagel. Ambiance was unusally hip for this part of Broadway. A nice design inside, and despite some hate on Yelp, the service we got was awesome.

I'd show you pictures of our bagels, but we wolfed them down in a matter of minutes, they were delicious and we were starving!

Other notes - they serve Diet Coke (for the caffeine/chemical addicts like me) and Stumptown Coffee!

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