Sunday, March 13, 2011

THE list.

Today marks "CLEANING DAY" on my schedule, and I feel like the list is never ending! In honor of it being cleaning day, the image to the left is a print for sale from BellyBabies. There are some other adorable ones that would look amazing in a nursery.

      It's another rainy dreary day outside today. I know that I signed up for this when I moved to Oregon, but I am aching for a vacation to somewhere sunny. I think the easiest fix will be to try to plan a quick getaway sometime later this month or April to California to see my family.

Reading over at Door Sixteen, made me want to come up with my own cleaning list, so here is today's the next several day's "list." Some of it I may have to enlist Colin's help which means it might get pushed over until Wednesday. But my goal is to complete at least one room a day.

The List

- Finish dishes in sink and put away
- Wipe down counters and scrub oven
- Sweep floor
- Organize and decorate built-in
- Clean out and scrub inside of fridge
- Clean up the outside of the fridge
- Organize the bulletin board
- Organize the inside of the cupboards
- Wipe down windows
- Find creative hiding spot for Imac box

- Wipe down sink, mirror toilet and shower
- Organize shelves (including the pesky makeup basket)
- Sweep/clean floor

- Change cat litter
- Put away all clothes
- Organize tops of dresser
- Make up the bed
- Pick up all remaining items on floor
- Clean up nightstands
- Deal with the closet
- Sweep floor

Living Room
- Vacuum couch
- Organize entertainment center (including drawers)
- Clean up coffee table  & side table(& oil)
- Organize under the credenza
- Deal with items to charity & that awkward stack by TV

Office Nook
- Clean off organize desk & prepare for 2nd chair for Colin
- Organize Ikea Cubes
- Clean up bookshelf
- Deal with magazines (donate or discard)
- Organize Art Supplies

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