Monday, March 28, 2011

Staying Motivated

This week is going to be a tough one. It's filled with doctors appointments and it's the start of classes. I'm having a hard time staying motivated and getting stuff done. I end up pushing it till "later" in the day, well, "later" never ends up coming. I wish I could find a way to motivate myself better.
I am starting my first science class for the first time in awhile (It's been five years!) It's going to be an eye-opener for me, and I'm hoping I love it as much as I did five years ago.
I'm loving the "ovaries" in a jar from this etsy seller. I think they'd look amazing on a shelf of neat vintage trinkets.  Check out the rest of the shop, amazing stuff!!
The Oregon rain is starting to get to me. I find myself dreaming up fancy vacations we can't afford. Mostly, I miss the beach. Anyone else dreaming up exotic vacations?


misslarissabree said...

Hi me again ;)

I LOVE those ovaries too! I want the heart one!
I feel ya on the motivation but we can do it.
Also the rain im tired of it too! go away rain!

Anonymous said...

Ovaries in a jar! Those are amazing.

Lindsay Jewell said...

The Oregon rain is getting to me, too. And the forecast is ominous. I'm craving a little sunshine and gardening, for sure.

allison said...

@ Lindsay - This is my first winter here, so I think it's hitting me hard. I am enjoying the peeks of sun every now and then, and trying to focus on that :)

beca said...

it's been raining here like crazy! i thought I moved to sunny California to have perfect weather...not clouds and rain. Boo. I could never live in the northwest. I'm too sensitive to the weather.
Hope you feel better. Hope the sun comes out!

allison said...

Beca - Yeah, California's dirty little secret is that it still rains there! :) Although I've heard this has been a particularly heavy rain year there. I thought I could never live in the NW, but then after a few 100+ degree summers in Northern California I was ready for some rain! :)