Saturday, March 26, 2011

Weight Check-in

First I'll start off with the awesome report I pulled up this morning on MFP:

So last July on my birthday was my breaking point. I put in the photos and was like ... Well, I said some obscene words. I couldn't believe how much weight I had put on. Before Colin and I got together I bounced around between 125-130lb. 130lb was a little healthier for me, and that's what I stayed at for year one of our relationship. Then between bouncing around on medications, and putting on the "newlyweds" (or rather "newly moved in together") weight, it just added up.

Medications can do powerful things to your body, and then I probably did another 20lb of "I can eat just as much as my boyfriend" pounds. Suddenly, I was not the girl who could eat anything and stay relatively thin. I was overweight. Not just a little, but like fifty+ pounds.

Here is one of the most uncomfortable bloated looking photos of myself in that depressing July (But sidenote, my trip to Tahoe was really awesome! hah!)

Oh hey belly pudge!

At first the weight came off quickly, now it's slowed down. Since July I just tracked my calories, learned how much I could eat and stay around the recommended calories. Now, I am 18 pounds down, and it's time to instill an exercise plan. But first, here I am 18 pounds lighter (not sucking it in this time, ha!) in the same outfit:

I still have another thirtyish pounds to go. But, I'm hoping with instilling an exercise routine the weight loss will begin to pick up again. So that by my wedding (July 30) I can be comfortable in my body again and feel good!


Katie said...

You are seriously amazing for sticking with this. Dieting sucks, but you seem like you're doing a really great job at making lifestyle changes instead of just quick fixes. And you look great!

allison said...

Thanks Katie. It's been really slow, but I'm happy it's happening!

beca said...

You look great! I am really really trying to motivate myself to do pilates everyday and run with my dogs and ride my bike to work, but it's sooo hard. and I'm a total junk food addict. I need to stick with it.

I've been loving pilates though, and riding my bike to work has been great..except when it's rainy and cold. Boo.

Keep at it girl!