Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Oh little blog, you've been so neglected!

Between wedding planning, house hunting, and preparing for finals my life has been going nonstop right now.

A quick update:
- I've been enjoying the new explosions in the sky album.
- I love these shoes, there's only one pair left and it's in my size (Destiny?! I think so!) On a more practical note, I've been contemplating these for my wedding.


I've been wearing my hair curly, but I'm getting fed up with frizz. I've tried various products with no luck. Anyone have any favorites?


Anonymous said...

Moroccan Hair Oil!

Anonymous said...

I was sort of wondering what had happened to you (blog-stalkage!). On a less creepy note, I love those green heels, especially if your dress is short enough to show them off.

allison said...

Thanks Katie, I'll have to check it out!

Whitney, haha, I am still here! :) Yes, my dress is "tea-length"ed so I think it will work perfect!

heather dawn said...

stuff that works for me is from sally's it's made by Beyond the Zone & it's called the Scruncher. I don't comb my hair when i get out of the shower and then use the towel to scrunch it up then spray that stuff in it & then hairspray too!

Anonymous said...

good luck with everything love- house hunting, weightloss, university and wedding planning? you're super woman! xx