Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bacon, foe or friend?

These last couple weeks I've totally been on a cooking adventure. I made made first "soup" and ventured into "fake bacon." Anyone who knows me might find this amusing, since I really don't like regular bacon (yes, I know this is blasphemy to some people) But ready? I really like fake bacon. It has a slightly different texture, but still the same good salty taste. We used Turtle Island Tempeh Smoky Maple Marinated Bacon. While other Tofurky products have not made the cut, this one totally did and made a killer sandwich. I tried Veganaise (Which actually smells exactly like mayo, it's creepy!) as well. I know, look at me, Ms. Adventurous! The result was this killer sandwich on a pub bun made by a local Portland company:

My second accomplishment was this slightly modified Vegan Dumpling Soup. I followed this recipe, but added a boiled potato chopped up as well as some frozen peas and carrots. Oh my gosh, seriously amazing. Perfect for the rainy days that are still creeping in here in Portland.

In other non-cooking news:

- I saw the book "World of Geekcraft" in person at Crafty Wonderland, and am totally in love with it. It even  has it's own website here! You can download one of their projects (pow! zap! magnets) via PDF at the Craft Blog.

- Has anyone who's gotten married recently used an Amazon registry? We did it in addition to our Target registry. I liked that it has a universal capability so you can add stuff from any website.


beca said...

speaking of cookies...wait..uhm...anyways, maybe try this recipe!



allison said...

yum! I am totally going to try that after my Biology final as my reward. I can hardly wait :)