Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Planning

With the stress of school, Colin and I have been falling back into a combination of actual fast food and  "home" fast food (aka: comes from a box, takes only a few minutes to make)

I've never been a person who's able to say "We will eat this meal on this day" but I do find success in coming up with a list of meals, that way each day I can pick a meal that sounds good. The way our budget is structured is we start a new "food budget" on Thursdays (And that generally means I go grocery shopping on Fridays) Here is this weeks food plan for the rest of this budget:

Meals for Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Dumpling soup*
Asian Tofu, steamed broccoli, rice
Twice Baked Potatoes and Pan Browned Brussels Sprouts
Homemade Pizza & Salad

* I only roughly follow this recipe, I alternate between using gnocchi instead of bisquick and then usually throw in a bag of frozen veggies or whatever fresh veggies I have laying around in the broth.

Colin and I are pretty big supporters of eating Total for breakfast (since it's fortified to get all your vitamins/minerals) but we sometimes add a little something extra on the side. I think I'll make this, then I cut it up and freeze it so that we just microwave a piece a day. 

With each week I generally try one new food, or give a food I formerly judged a second chance (this week it's brussels sprouts). I also try to have at least one meal be a quick/low maintenance meal. This week the soup falls under that since it's easy to just throw the ingredients in the pot and walk away.

(Comic by Natalie Dee)


misslarissabree said...

I usually on sundays make a grocery list for the week and buy everything for those days. We rarely eat would that much, maybe once every 2 weeks.

But its definitely hard to stick with meal plans sometimes i lose all motivation and get bored easily.
Your menu looks yummy

Irene said...

I have a great template I use for planning "just dinners" if you want it. It also has a column for groceries. :-)