Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Saw this posted over on Danielle's blog and I really liked it...

Obsessing over: Finding something to do besides school/school-related activities (ie: Studying). I feel like I've hit this sort of stalling point where I am not content with how my day to day life is being filled, but I'm not sure what to do about it. Right now, I'm just brainstorming how to deal with it. 

Working on: Besides finals prep for school, I've been trying to read The Compass of Pleasure, sometimes it's nice to indulge in a pop culture science book. 

Thinking about: What to make for dinner. I picked up some delicious looking asparagus from Whole Foods, and now I'm trying to figure out what to pair with it...

Anticipating: This quarter to be over, I want my husband back! Right now, our time together is much more limited than I'm used to. With him being in school full time and working full time, it makes his days pretty full. I'm excited to have a whole month where he's just working full time and no school.

Listening to: Band of Horses (via Spotify) and the puppies eating their dinner.

Drinking: Water. But wishing it was Diet Coke.

Wishing: I could be in grad school already, and wishing Colin could be done with his undergrad/med school. I'm ready for us to be out of our current limbo/in-between stage. On a lighter note, a good movie from Red Box would be nice too :) 

What about all of you?

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Brynna said...

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my blog. That site is filled with THE coolest fridges ever! I want one!!

I like this list, it's a neat idea for a good 'get to know you' kind of post!

Have a great day!