Thursday, November 24, 2011

no thank YOU!

Inspired by my awesome husband, I'd like to take this time to write a little "thankful" post on here.

-   I'm thankful for the basics in my life. A roof over my head, food in the fridge, my heater humming away, and clothing on my back. I know I often take these things for granted, and there are many who struggle to maintain those. 

-   My parents, all three of them. My Dad, for making it possible for my to pursue my educational dreams, making the best caesar salad in the world, inspiring me a love for music and animals, and for teaching me what the perfect baguette tastes like. My Mom for inspiring me to be crafty, teaching me the importance of kindness and compassion, and letting me know that Diet Coke existed. And Dave, for giving me my first guitar, playing games with me (and teaching me new ones!), giving awesome neck massages, and loving me like his own daughter. 

-  I'm thankful for my move to Portland. Even though the rain may be tough sometimes. I absolutely love my city. I love the art, nature, and people. I've met some amazing people here this year. I'm so very thankful for it all.

-  I'm thankful for having two great best friends, Jill & Larissa. You both are awesome, and I am so thankful for the two of you. You can make any bad day better! 

-  I'm thankful for my amazing husband. He loves me unconditionally, in good times & bad. He knows just how to hug me to make me feel like absolutely nothings wrong in my life. He always supports all of my dreams, no matter how many times they change in a week. He's patient loving father to our fur-kids. He lets me decorate for Christmas obscenely early in the year. He will work on puzzles with me and thinks it's cute, no matter how much of an old lady I look like. He's my role model for good health, his passion for cycling inspires me. And, of course he makes me a killer diet coke.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone, what are you thankful for?

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misslarissabree said...

You are the loveliest in the world.
Heart you tons and tons my sweet :)