Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Uncostly Christmas Wishlist

As it draws near to the holiday season, I start brainstorming about the exciting things I might want to put on a wish list. But, for me, this holiday season is going to be tough. We recently had a giant unexpected vet bill (well, we expected it, but rather didn't expect it to be quite as giant as it was) So we might have to get a little creative this year. Thus the creation of "The Uncostly Wishlist"

Do you have an Uncostly Christmas Wishlist? Post below and share with me!


misslarissabree said...

This is a good idea! I think Colton and I should do this. We usually dont do anything for christmas for each other.

I may be able to help you out with a few of these ;)

Irene said...

-I want a love letter from my husband.
-I want time with my girls, each one, alone...mommy daughter time.
-I want someone to rearrange my kitchen cupboards so they make sense.
-I want a good movie where I can laugh and there isn't any sex, violence or ugly words.
-I want world peace, okay, maybe just inner peace.

Angie said...

I think everyone should do this! Because while gifts are lovely, and from the heart, so are little things that don't cost a cent!!! :D

lisa said...

What a great idea! We set a dollar limit so we don't go too crazy but this seems even better for creative gifts. My spine hates me too :)