Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Wise Old Teeth.

I didn't get a photo of mine, but I grabbed this picture from here.

This week I attempted to make Vegan Cake Balls. I only kept a few and shipped the rest off to Colin's work (Hospitals are a great place to send baked good leftovers!)

Today Colin got his wisdom teeth out. So I stocked up on soy yogurt and pudding, potatoes (for homemade mashed potatoes of course), tomato basil soup (his favorite!), and some canned fruit when he's up to some more soft foods.

Thursday morning is my first day in my new volunteer area in the hospital. Then Thursday evening is my first day for my new job! It'll just be observing, and I won't talk about it too much on the blog. I will say I am pretty excited to jump in and get started. I'll be working on a team that's doing ABA Therapy for a youngster.

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