Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vegan Eats

When we moved to pretty much the mecca of vegan eating, I decided I really should keep track of the places we eat. I know that for me, Portland is almost overwhelming of it's options. I moved from a city that had just a handful of places that were vegan-friendly. So without further ado,  I present: vegan eats.

This will be a frequently edited list of vegan places I've discovered in Portland. Yes, there are many vegan resources on the web for Portland (one of the best obviously, stumptown vegans). But, I figured if I was going to write about it on here, I might as well do it in an organized fashion.

As I update, I'll make a new post, but I'll always link it to this original post.  Note, most of the places are not exclusively vegan, but offer at least one vegan option. This list right now is just a small list of places offering vegan eats that I want to try, it has lots of room to grow!  I also separated out food stands. As the list grows I'll implement further organization.

Acme Donuts - 2929 SE Powell Blvd

Back to Eden - 2217 NE Alberta St

Bay Leaf Restaurant - 4768 SE Division St

Bella Faccia Pizzeria - 2934 NE Alberta Street

Black Sheep Cafe - 523 NE 19th Ave

Blossoming Lotus - 1713 Northeast 15th Avenue

Chaos Cafe - 2620 SE Powell Blvd

Cup and Saucer - 3000 NE Killingsworth (multiple locations)

Dick's Kitchen - 3312 Southeast Belmont Street

Dots - 2521 SE Clinton St

Dovetail Bakery - 3039 NE Alberta St

Hammy's Pizza - 2114 SE Clinton

Hot Lips (multiple locations)

Hungry Tiger Too - 207 SE 12th Ave

Jam on Hawthorne - 2239 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Junior's Cafe - 1742 SE 12th Ave

Kettleman Bagel Company - 2200 Broadway

Laughing Planet (Multiple Locations)

Laurelthirst Pub - 2958 NE Glisan St

Le Cookie Monkey - 3015 SE Berkeley Pl

Liberty Glass - 938 N Cook St

Mississippi Pizza - 3552 N Mississippi Ave

No fish Go fish - 3962 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Papa G's - 2314 SE Division St

Paradox Cafe - 3439 SE Belmont St

Pepinos - 3832 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Portobello Vegan Trattoria - 1125 SE Division St

Red and Black Cafe - 400 SE 12th Ave

Sizzle Pie - 624 E Burnside

Sweet Lemon Vegetarian Bistro - 4888 NW Bethany Blvd

Sweetpea Baking Company - 1205 SE Stark Ave

Thai Food Cafe - 833 N Killingsworth Ave

The Bye and Bye - 1205 SE Stark Ave

Tin Shed - 1438 NE Alberta St

Vege Thai - 3272 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Vegetarian House - 22 NW 4th Ave

Vita Cafe - 3023 NE Alberta St

Voodoo Doughnut Too - 1501 NE Davis St

Wild Abandon - 2411 SE Belmont St

Food Carts

Biscuit Bike - 3315 SE Hawthorne Blvd

Bro-Dog - SW 5th Ave and SW Stark St

Chili Pie Palace - SW 3rd and Washington St

Dreamer's Cafe - SW 5th St

El Nutri Taco - 8438 SE Woodstock

Homegrown Smoker BBQ - SW4th and College

Lickity Split - NW 10th and Hoyt

Lucielle's Balls - 43rd and Belmont

Native Bowl - N Mississippi Ave & N Skidmore St

Off the Griddle - 4926 SE Division St

Open Heart Cafe - 23rd and Alberta

Oregon Ice/Soupworks - 3221 SE Division

Potato Champion - SE 12th Ave and Hawthorne Blvd

Shelly's Garden Burritos - SW Broadway and Yamhill St

Sip (Vegan Milkshakes!) - 3029 SE 21st Ave

Son of Flavour - NE Fremont St and N Mississippi Ave

Sonny Bowl - 430 SW 3rd Ave

Taqueria Los Gorditos - SE 50th Ave and SE Division

The Ruby Dragon - 4233 N. Mississippi

TREATmachine - 20th and Morrison SE

Whiffies - SE 12th and SE Hawthorne Blvd

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