Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hair Style

The shortest I've ever had my hair:

and now the longest:

new glasses!

I commited about a year and a half ago to grow out my hair for the wedding. And grow it did, it's now past my shoulder nearing the elbows. My goal is that before my sister leaves after the wedding that she can cut it for me. I have no idea how yet. But a lot less length for sure.


WhatHappenedToMe? said...

Wow you are one of those lucky people who look good in all kinds of hair styles. Jealous! I am def loving the long look...Perfect for wedding styles :))

misslarissabree said...

I love your hair long and short! I have been growing my hair long forever too I hate waiting!

allison said...

@WhatHappenedToMe: aw, thanks! I am so picky and get tired of hairstyles quickly, so I feel like I've tried them all. The long hair is staying until the ceremony, but after that I'm brainstorming for new ideas!

@Larissa: Aw thanks! I know, waiting is the worst!