Monday, September 26, 2011

A bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils

I start school this week and I'm going back and forth between excitement and freaking out.

Every year my Mom used to soothe my anxiety by going back-to-school shopping for school supplies. I was a weird kid who was calmed by the aisles of Office Depot. In honor of the school season I picked out a few things for my "back to school wishlist"

A new backpack from Timbuk2 (waterproof, since I'm riding my bike to school)

An adorable pencil case from Etsy seller: sammade


And of course, an organization nerd's dream, a planner from Mod Cloth

To end this blog post, I'll share with you this song that's been on repeat on my ipod:


Angie said...

Awesome list! You know, I was home-schooled so I never HAD to go back-to-school shopping... But I always did. And I'm not in school now. But I may do one of these for fun, bahahaha. I love this. <3

Also, Office Depot RULES.

Irene said...

don't forget i took a picture and you always had a new outfit! did you buy the bookbag? xoxox mom

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

I love school supplies- I just can't get enough.

PS Thanks for stopping by my blog and would love to meet you at the Portland blogger meet up :) If you know any other bloggers in the area- they are more than welcome to come.